• Registration opens Saturday, February 10th at 6:00am

  • Snag your spot to shop early & free at the pre-sale! We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities and you can sign up for more than one shift to gain earlier access to shop.

  • We are growing our "Queen Bee" volunteers. This is a 12-hour volunteer commitment. These volunteers get the perk of shopping before ALL other volunteers. If you are interested in more information about this exclusive position, email us at info@fairytalefinds.com for availability.


Volunteer Options:

  • Choose 3+ shifts = shop at 3:00pm at Wednesday's private pre-sale

  • Choose 2 shifts = shop at 4:00pm at Wednesday's private pre-sale

  • Choose 1 shift AND consign = shop at 5:00pm at Wednesday's private pre-sale

  • Choose 1 shift = shop at 6:00pm at Wednesday's private pre-sale 


* We have reserved ALL HOURS of Wednesday's private pre-sale for our volunteers, consignors, and vendors to enjoy a free, private shopping experience before opening to the public on Thursday. 

* For safety purposes, NO children allowed during your volunteer time.

* If you are unable to fulfill the slot you registered for, please release it using the link above as soon as you are able.

* Failure to fulfill your chosen committment will result in forfeiture of any benefit and you may also lose the ability to participate in our future events.