1 - What % do I earn as a consignor?

Consignors earn 65% of the sale price of their items. 

2 - Do you have suggestions for pricing of items?

We recommend, as a general rule of thumb, pricing each item at 50-70% off retail, depending on the type of item, brand, and condition. Always remember, the lower you price your items, the quicker and more likely they are to sell. And don't forget to mark items for 1/2 price discount day(s) to ensure that your items sell.

3 - Do I have to work a shift if I am a consignor?

No, sellers are not required to work. 

4 - Do I have to be a consignor to volunteer at the sale?

No, anyone can be a volunteer! You are then qualified to shop early without having to consign. 

5 - How much work is it to prepare items for sale?

Proper preparation of items does take time, but it will assure the best results in sales and, therefore, money in your pocket! Our barcode system makes entering and printing price tags a breeze. We encourage sellers to begin preparing early, doing a little each day. Many of our top sellers make over $1,000 at our sale, so your efforts can really pay off! (See guidelines for preparing your items under the "Consignor" tab). 

6 - Wouldn't I make more money if I held my own yard sale or sold my items online?

The benefit of consigning with Fairytale Finds is that hundreds of shoppers are attending who are specifically looking for baby and childrens' items. You don't have to advertise, negotiate over price, meet with strangers, and you are able to remain anonymous. Plus, you will earn a lot more money than your average yard sale or online sales and you do not have to worry with shipping items and associated costs.

7 - How do I know what I've sold?

With our fully-automated online system, you can log-in to your consignor account each morning of the sale to see what you sold the previous day.

8 - Why does Fairytale Finds require wire hangers for childrens clothing?

Wire hangers take less space on the racks and allow shoppers to easily slide clothes back and forth while browsing. We are able to accept 3x more items than if clothes were hung on plastic hangers. *Please hang juniors/ladies clothing items on plastic hangers as they are larger and will not stay secure on wire hangers.

9 - What if my item is damaged or missing?

While we make every attempt to have our volunteers watch the showroom floor for lost tags & theft, we cannot be held responsible for damaged or missing items. Remember to check our "lost & found" display when you pick up your unsold merchandise.

10 - Will Fairytale Finds ever sell my email, address, or phone number to other companies?

No! This information is for our use only in order to notify you of future events and in sending your earned commissions.

11 - Are children allowed on all sale days?

No, children are only allowed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. No strollers nor children in slings allowed on Wednesday or Thursday. Parents are responsible for your own children! Do not let them play, ride on toys, or enter restricted areas on the sale floor. We are not responsible for any injury sustained on the property!

12 - How much is the entry fee?

Entry fee is $10 per person for those 16 years and older on Thursday's pre-sale day only, no children or babies on this day please. Cash only please. Volunteers, vendors, and consignors will not be charged for entry on Wednesday's private pre-sale. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are free entry.

13 - Do I need to bring my own bag for shopping at the sale?

We will have several shopping bags available on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend you bring your own just in case!

14 - What if I change my mind AFTER checking out?

Sorry, but all sales are final. No refunds and no exchanges. Remember to inspect each item BEFORE making your purchase.

15 - What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover & American Express. A small 3% processing fee will be added to all credit card purchases. No checks accepted. 8% GA sales tax applies to all purchases.