• Our exclusive Fairy Godmother services will be offered for this upcoming sale, however this service is only offered on a very limited basis.
  • We will only accept CLOTHING for this service. No toys or accessories, etc. 
  • We do the work for you! You simply bring your clothing to us, and we hang, price, tag, and sell your items for you!
  • There is a limit to only 100 items, so choose your best items to sell!
  • Also, you still get to shop early with the other consignors when using this service!
  • Our fee is 0.50/item (includes your consignor registration fee, hangers, cardstock/printing fee, tagging supplies, up to 16 hours of labor)
  • We will simply deduct your Fairy Godmother fees from your consignor earnings check, so no need to pay us up front!
  • If you are interested, we book these first come/first serve, and only offer 2-3 spots.
  • Please email info@fairytalefinds.com to secure this service!