Preparing, Pricing & Tagging Information


Items should be freshly laundered and free of smoke, odor, & heavy wrinkles. Please inspect closely for any stains, discolorations, missing buttons, snaps, or broken zippers. Toys should be clean and come with all parts. Toys with batteries must be in working condition. ($1.00 fee PER battery will apply if we must supply fresh batteries). Any items not meeting the quality criteria will be rejected.

When applicable, group sets of clothing to sell together. Sets often sell better than an individual item. For example, pair minky dot pants with a custom applique shirt. Also, if you have a Made to Match bow, include it with the set as an added touch.



  • Wire Hangers ONLY.
  • Hang clothing with the opening of the hanger facing to the left, like a question mark. If smaller, infant clothing, bend top & bottom arms of hanger to the middle to accommodate these sizes.
  • Pin the waistband of pants and skirts to the top arms of the hanger. Do not pin to the bottom of the hanger or they will just slide back and forth. Do not fold pants over the hanger.

  • If garment may easily slip off hanger, then pin on corner to the hanger.



Boutique items are priced competitively in retail markets. Price your items accordingly! Shoppers are coming to consignment sales for a bargain. Reasonably priced items will sell quickly. Higher priced items may sell during the full price days, but consider letting them sell at 50% at the end of the sale so you still make money in case they don't.

Each item must be a minimum of $1.00. Our system does not allow for entry for items less than $1.00. Items must be valued in 50 cent increments. Example: $4.50 will be accepted; $4.75 will NOT be accepted.

Price is determined by the seller but price items at an amount that YOU would be willing to pay for them. Generally, we recommend pricing items that have been gently worn for 25-30% of original retail price and items that are in NEW or almost new condition for 30-40% of retail. Remember, when people shop our sale & find great bargains, they will help spread the word!

One example: Strollers that come with a matching car seat sell better when sold as a set. Zip tie these together & price this as ONE item. Should you decide to sell them separately, you will need separate tags.

Some brands sell better than others and can be priced a little higher due to demand for that brand. Larger sizes are usually limited but in high demand. You could get a higher price on those items vs an infant size of the same brand. If you are not an experienced consignor, it is best to price on the lower end for your first few sales. There is a learning curve to pricing your items so that you sell a lot but also make the most money. Use our exclusive Fairy Godmother tagging service if you are unsure! We want you to be happy with what you've sold so remember to price competitively! You've worked hard in preparing your merchandise and want to sell as many items as possible. Items that are priced competitively sell first!! Higher priced items, if overpriced, may or may not sell.



On Saturday, all items will be sold for 50% off the price marked on the tag unless the tag is NOT marked for Discount. You have the option of choosing "YES" or "NO" to a discount for each item you enter. Items will be sold for 50% off on Saturday unless the seller chooses NO for the discount option while inputting each tag online.



Our system is fully automated with bar-coded tags so everything is done online. You must be a registered consignor before you can begin tagging.

Save Time! Take advantage of our Exclusive Fairy Godmother Tagging Service. Click here for details of the Fairy Godmother Experience.

Include the brand name on the first description line and a detailed description of the item on the second description line. This helps to identify an item if the tag comes off and also inhibits tag-swapping.

  • Sign in to your consignor account to begin tagging items.
  • Brand name MUST be on 1st description line. The 2nd description line must detail item as much as possible. This helps identify an item in case the tag comes off, and also inhibits tag-switching.
  • For clothing, use a tagging gun or safety pin to attach your tag (tag in a seam or the brand tag ONLY).  Do not pin or tag on the lapel of clothing. Holes are not fun. 
  • Secure tag to item well enough that it will stay on in the midst of excessive handling. No straight pins at all. If taping your tag onto an item, make sure you only tape 3 sides of the tag, do not tape over barcode, & the tape you use won't damage the item.
  • Sort according to size & gender Before arriving to check-in.


If using a zip lock bag, place a duplicate tag inside the bag as well as taped to the outside. Write duplicate tag on the tag inside the bag. Tape the top of zip-lock bags shut to prevent items from slipping out and getting lost. Do NOT tape over the bar code. Tape on 3 sides.

For shoes, please do NOT put into a clear zip bag. Shoppers want to see them easily. Use zip-ties & tape your label around the zip-tie tab. If shoes cannot be zip-tied, you may use a ziplock bag but do NOT tape it shut. The zip-tie method works well for bulky items as well as toys with additional pieces. Soiled & scuffed shoes do NOT sell. We will be very picky on shoes!!

Puzzles: please Saran wrap these! Similarly, anything with multiple pieces, you MUST secure these onto the item either with zip-ties, masking tape, or ziploc bags.

Any furniture item, toy, or other unique set that has special qualities or features, include those details on a separate index card. This will help promote your item!

Any unsold items that you do not want back can be marked for donation. Choose the Donation option when entering these items online. All donated items that do not sell will be donated to local charities.



Tags must be printed on heavy card-stock paper 60#-67#, which can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, Big Lots, or any office supply store. Please use light colored card-stock ONLY. Tags printed on regular paper will NOT be accepted.

Your printer must be set to NORMAL before printing. Not doing so may cause the bar-codes to be blurry and unreadable to the scanners. Unreadable tags must be entered by hand which can cause mistakes in inputting your information.



You may choose to donate your clothing that does not sell. Please mark the appropriate box when entering your items online. You can choose some items & not others with our automated system. We donate these items to local charities.