*** this is just a basic outline - please read all info below for very detailed instructions***

1. Hang all clothing on hangers.

2. Organize clothing by gender, then size order, smallest to largest.

3. Prep all non-clothing items.

4. Go online and start entering your items on our software program to create your tags.

5. Keep your clothing items in order because your tags will print in this order and its easier to match tags to each item.

6. Cut tags one page at a time and also keep these in order as they will be printed in the same order that you entered them online.

7. Keep clothing in size order to be prepared for drop-off. 



  • wire hangers ONLY for all children's clothing
  • plastic hangers accepted for juniors/ladies and men's clothing
  • tagging gun to secure tags with 1.5" or 2" tags (highly recommended)
  • safety pins to secure tags (only if not using a tagging gun) 
  • zip ties, rubberbands, clear packing tape, clear bags, plastic wrap for non-clothing items such as books, games, puzzles, shoes, etc
  • white card stock paper ONLY for printing tags- no tags printed on regular/thin printer paper will be accepted



  • Items should be clean and free of odors, stains, hair, etc.

  • Please inspect items closely for any tears, stains, discolorations, missing buttons, snaps, or broken zippers.

  • Any items not meeting the quality criteria will be rejected.

  • Wire hangers are REQUIRED for children's clothing, as they take up less space on racks.
  • Plastic hangers are accepted for juniors/ladies and men's clothing only! Wire hangers are acceptable for junior/ladies clothing, as long as the hanger doesn't cause damage to the clothing. Sometimes spaghetti strap, large, or heavier-weight items hang better on plastic hangers.

  • Hang clothing with the opening of the hanger facing to the left, like a question mark. For tiny/infant clothing, you can bend the arms of hanger upward to accommodate these sizes. 

  • Do not use extra safety pins to secure item, UNLESS it's necessary to keep item on hanger.

  • Shirts and dresses usually do not require extra pins. If pins are needed, please do not damage clothing trying to secure your item. Try to secure through an internal seam or in a discreet area if possible. 
  • For pants, shorts, skirts, etc. pins are acceptable in waistbands. Pin to the top of the hanger about 3-4 inches from the end of the fabric, ensuring the item will not slide around. 
  • Do not fold pants over the hanger, as shoppers can't properly view the item



  • Toys should be clean and come with all parts. If multiple parts, try to tape or ziptie together, or place small parts in a ziploc bag and attach to toy. 
  • Toys that require batteries must have batteries installed and be in working condition.
  • If using a clear plastic bag, tape the top of plastic bags shut to prevent items from slipping out and getting lost. Do NOT tape over the bar code; tape only over the top of the tag.
  • Shoes: do not put shoes into clear plastic bags or in original box; shoppers want to see them easily. Secure shoes together with a large rubberband, zip-ties, or tie shoestrings together. Then attach tag with through loop of ziptie or shoestring. 
  • Puzzles: please use clear bags or plastic wrap! Similarly, anything with multiple pieces, you MUST secure these onto the item either with zip-ties, masking tape, or use clear plastic bags.



  • From the website, click on "Begin Tagging" to start entering your items. Click "Add Items" then choose "mobile version" or "PC/laptop version".

  • See "Contents of our Barcode Tags" below to help with filling out these categories correctly. 

  • Our system is fully automated with bar-coded tags so everything is done online.
  • You don't have to create all your tags at one time. The system automatically saves all entered info and you can pick back up whenever you want.
  • Make sure to select the "Check to show all items" box once inside the inventory menu to view all pages of your tags. 
  • To review or edit tags after they'be been created, simply click "Add Items" and this gets you to your main inventory menu. 
  • Tagging is easier if clothing is organized first by gender, then size order, smallest to largest because the software automatically remembers the "category" and "size" selected from the previous item, making entering inventory even faster. 



Category: choose the category of your item so we know where to place it on our sales floor (example: girls clothing vs. sports equipment)

Size: only needed for clothing. For non-clothing items, select "Leave Blank" 

Description Line 1: place brand name only on this line 

Description Line 2: be specific describing item (example: hot pink smocked dress). More details allow you to differentiate your items in your seller report, as well as relocating your item if the tag falls off.  

Price: price items i$1.00 and over in $0.50 increments

Quantity: use only if you are selling multiple items of the same type with the same description and same price (example: selling 10 books for $2 each, you can select quantity 10)

Discountchoose "YES" if you would like to discount item on our Discount Day(s). On our discount day(s), items will be sold for 50% off, unless the consignor chooses "NO" for the discount option. You can choose to discount some items and not others, as it is an individual choice for each tag created. All items can still be sold on discount days, even if they are "Discount NO". However, only the tags that are specified "Discount YES" will be sold for half-price. This is a great option to allow your items to sell full-price for 3 days, then a chance to sell at half-price for our discount day(s).  

DonateYou may choose the "Donate" option for your items that do not sell. You can choose to donate some items & not others, as it is an individual choice for each tag created. We donate unsold items to local charities chosen each sale by Fairytale Finds, and notify our consignors of our choosing after the sale. 



  • Shoppers are coming to our consignment sale for a bargain. Reasonably priced items sell quickly. Higher priced items may not sell during the full-price days, so please consider selecting items "Item can be DISCOUNTED" when entering items for 50% off on discount day(s).
  • Each item must be a minimum of $1.00. Our system does not allow for entry for items less than $1.00. Items can be valued in $0.50 increments over $1.00.
  • If items are sold as a set, make sure to use the same hanger with only one barcode tag. In the description, make sure to say "set". 
  • Price is determined by the consignor, but please price items at an amount that YOU would be willing to pay. We recommend pricing gently used items for 50-70% off the original retail price. Items that are new with tags or in like new condition can be priced 30-40% off the original retail price.
  • When in doubt, google search your item for a current price and deduct 50-70% (depending on item popularity AND condition) to give you an idea of a good price. Also you can price-compare to Poshmark, but remember people come to a consignment sale for a good deal. 
  • There is a learning curve to pricing your items for a successful sale.  We want you to be happy with what you've sold/earned, so remember to price competitively. You've worked hard in preparing your merchandise and want to sell as many items as possible and make the most money possible.  



  • Tags MUST be printed on heavy white card stock paper ONLY! No paper tags will be allowed as they are more likely to rip during the sale. 
  • Your printer must be set to NORMAL before printing. Not doing so may cause the barcodes to be blurry and unreadable to the scanners.
  • Do not adjust the size of tags when printing. They need to be of uniform size as selected by our automated system and only 6 tags to a page. Unreadable tags must be entered by hand at check-out, because our scanners cannot detect small barcodes, slowing down the check-out process.
  • You can print tags as you go or all at once. If you print tags in stages, you can select "print selected tags" or "print all un-printed tags". Either way, it will generate a PDF. Click "Display Tags for Printing" in blue and you can print immediately from this page, or save to your phone/computer and print later. If working from your phone, click share and save to files if you need to print later. 
  • If printing at a print store, make sure you save to your phone/commputer after it displays your tags. Then, email over your saved PDF and all tags will be sent and printed in one document. 
  • Please print a test page of tags before mass printing to ensure the ink does not rub off on your fingers and is not blurry or unreadable. 



  • For clothing, use a tagging gun (recommended) or one safety pin (NOT straight pins).

  • Please attach your tags to your clothing in the brand tag (at the collar). If no brand tag, attach tags in an internal seam only, on the right side of the clothing. Do not tag or pin through fabric as it causes holes in the clothing, and these items will NOT be accepted to sell. 

  • For toys and other non-clothing items, make sure to only tape the top of the tag, do not tape over barcode, & make sure tape does not damage the item. We recommend taping on the backside. 

  • REUSING FORMER TAGS: You may reuse printed tags from previous sales but you MUST move these items from "inactive inventory" to "active inventory", as long as you want to keep the same price, description, discount and donate status. If you want to change anything on the tag, you must reprint those tags. If you do not move items into "active inventory", the barcode will not be scannable, making your item unable to sell.