• Consignors get to shop early at 6:00pm for the Private Pre-sale on Wednesday, only for our consignors, volunteers & vendors and not open to the public.

  • If you consign AND volunteer, you get the earliest access to the sale!!! Earliest entry is 3:00pm if you volunteer 3+ shifts AND consign (gain early entry from 4:00-6:00pm also for volunteering 1-2 shifts).

  • As a consignor, you have complete control over pricing your items - when entering your items, you decide how to price and describe your items and if you want them to be discounted on our 50% off discount sale day(s).

  • You receive 65% of sales in your earnings check which is distributed at pick-up day right after the waiting days or weeks for your money!

  • You don't have to be present to sell or do anything after drop-off. You just prepare your items, watch your sales add up from the comfort of your home, and pick up a check! We do all the rest for you...advertise, social media marketing, pay for overhead of the sales space & computer software, maintain & set up the sales floor, bring in hundreds of shoppers a day, prepare for and work the sale days...all for you!

  • No packaging & shipping items on online platforms like Poshmark or haggling with and meeting up with strangers through Marketplace!

  • No waste of weekends setting up for and holding a yard sale at your house or worrying about getting rained out due to unpredicatable weather!

  • You'll make money on your items AND get to shop early for thousands of other great items. Plus consignors don't pay the private pre-sale shopping fee....a $10 savings

  • Easy, quick, and efficient drop-off/pick-up of items with tons of parking!