Spring/Summer Drop-Off Dates 


  • Sunday, March 10th from 2-6pm Monday, March 11th from 3-6pm

  • Consignors must schedule a 15 minute drop-off appointment

  • Make sure that all items meet our standards: brand, current style, cleanliness, properly hung & wrinkle free, working condition and assembled before you leave. We cannot stress this enough!! We are strict because we all want to shop nice, gently used & current style clothing and merchandise.

  • Any item requiring assembly is the consignor's responsibility. Please bring someone to help, if needed.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any item based on condition, appearance, brand, or quality. Please be aware it is common for several items to be returned/rejected due to stains, rips/tears, missing buttons, brand, outdated style, off season, etc. Please do not make our volunteers uncomfortable in this process. They are given instructions based on our policies.

  • Please bring a large plastic storage bin labeled with your CONSIGNOR NUMBER & LAST NAME on the short end. 

  • Your bin will be kept to store any rejected items (due to stains, flaws, etc) at drop-off & will be returned to you at pick-up.

  • Print and bring an inventory report for our reference when we inspect your items. Please make sure your inventory list is printed after all inventory is entered online and mark off any items that are not in your actual inventory. 

  • Check to make sure your inventory report is accurate. The total number of items brought to drop-off should match the number on your inventory report. If not, you have not activated inactive inventory from previous sales. This MUST be done or the item is not available to sell at this sale. You can reuse tags from previous Fairytale Finds sales, as long as you moved them into your active inventory. No need to reprint tags unless you are changing a price, etc. Tags from previous sales will be accepted as long as they are active in your account.
  • Have your items sorted by gender and size prior to check-in.

  • Upon check-in for your drop-off appointment, you will be directed where to place your items for inspection.

  • If you plan on donating unsold items, bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope with you to drop-off.

  • After dropping off all items, you may leave, as it is not necessary to stay & wait for inspection of your items. We will inspect your items as time allows then place your items on the sales floor for you!

  • Your commission check will be available at pick-up. If you forego pick-up (i.e. all your items sell or you are donating your unsold items), please make sure you leave a stamped and addressed envelope at drop-off so your check can be mailed to you.

  • Checks MUST be cashed within 90 days.