Check-in & Drop-off

  •  Please mark out any item not present ahead of time that may still be on your printed list. We prefer you remove them from your inventory on-line before drop-off. 

  • Have your items sorted by gender & size prior to check-in.

  • If you plan on donating unsold items, bring a Self-addressed, Stamped envelope with you to drop-off.
  • You MUST print a copy of your active INVENTORY sheet & bring with you at check-in.
  • Drop-Off is by APPOINTMENT ONLY on Sunday and Monday prior to the sale. Please select an appointment time by clicking the link above.
  • Your commission check will be available at pick-up. If you forgo pick-up, your check will be mailed to the address on file & a $1.50 fee will be deducted. Checks MUST be cashed within 30 days. 


 When dropping off:

  • Consignors, please sign up for a check-in time online. Drop off days will be Sunday & Monday before the sale.
  • If you do not select a drop-off appointment, we will email you with a date and time to drop-off.  If you do not show for this appointment time, you forfeit consigning at this season's sale.
  • Sign in & wait for a table to be assigned to you.
  • Have items pre-sorted ahead of time by size & gender.
  • Make sure that items meet our standards: brand, current style, cleanliness, working condition & assembled before leaving, clothing properly hung & wrinkle free. We cannot stress this enough!! We are strict because we want to shop nice, gently used & current style clothing and merchandise, too! 
  • Any item requiring assembly is the consignor's responsibility. Please bring someone to help, if needed.
  • Be patient.Check in generally takes about 15-30 minutes on average. Larger volume consignors will take longer & will have a specified check-in station and/or time. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your check-in time, you will be bumped to the non-appointment table. We want to keep this process smooth & fair for those who scheduled their check-in and arrived promptly.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any item based on condition, appearance, brand, or quality.  Please be aware it is common for several items to be returned/rejected at check-in.  Due to lighting variations from your home to our location, non-visible stains may suddenly be seen in our environment.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please do not make our volunteers uncomfortable in this process. They are given instructions based on our policies!